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Video and live streaming 

Delivering your event to anyone, anywhere, in person or online.

Tv's and Graphics 📺

You have your content and know what you would like to convey to your target audience, but have you considered how to captivate and interact with them on a level that compliments their understanding?

Having video footage and relatable graphics at your event encourages guests to participate and engage helping them to absorb all you have to offer.

Camera Relays 🎥

Camera relays eliminate the risk of your audience not being able to see you if they haven’t managed to snag the prime viewing location. Not only does it benefit those in attendance, camera relay also opens up your option of venues. Hotels conference suites held together by ill positioned pillars that obscure the view of the stage, no worries we can position screens around the room so everyone has that VIP view. 

Recording and Live-streaming 🤳

By recording and live streaming your event we can extend your reach far and wide, guests can’t attend but want to be there, they can stay informed from the comfort of their chosen location. Not only can we deliver live streaming, the footage collected can be posted online in the weeks following the event, a great resource for you and your attendees.

SG23 CHI Bishop Nathan evening 021.jpg


Power points, videos or your branding. Graphics are an easy way to elevate your elevate your event and make it yours.

Camera Relay

Make every seat the best seat in the house because lets face it theres nothing worse than not be able to see the stage.


Broadcast your event to every corner of the globe by live-streaming or use the footage to keep sharing your event for months to come.

Results are the ultimate Proof

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